Looking for a reliable, economical pinch valve solution?

If so, Woke Zhihe Valve is the manufacturer that specializes in the production of pneumatic pinch valves, and is the most correct choice for you. The quality can completely replace the imported pinch valve.



Multipurpose use of the product

The Walker product range includes various types of pneumatic pinch valves and pinch valve bushings series

Pneumatic pinch valve can be directly pressurized by compressed air and fluid

Walker Valve can provide various specifications of pinch valves with a wide range of applications. At the same time, we can provide special conductive pinch valves of various specifications, suitable for use in hazardous areas

The pinch valve provided by Walker is economical and has an unparalleled service life.

Pinch valves and pinch valve bushings complete the product range

Quality of certification

Walker Zhihe's innovative pneumatic pinch valve technology expertise is your benefit. Pneumatic pinch valves and all other Walker Zhihe products are of consistent high quality. Since 2013, they have passed the certification according to the standard DIN ISO9001:2008 for regular monitoring and confirmation, and passed the CE, ROSH environmental certification, Walker pinch The development and production of the valve comply with the Pressure Equipment Directive DGRL 97/23/EC.

Walker pinch valve can test the pressure strength and pressure tightness of the pinch valve shell according to customer requirements. At the same time, the inner bushing of the pinch valve is tested for tightness.

During the production of our pinch valves, we strive to save resources under the premise of innovation and economic production and circulation. All accessories can be traced to ensure the high quality of the pinch valve.

Pinch valve inner bushing

Woke Zhihe Valve Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of pneumatic pinch valves and pinch valve inner bushings. The key technology of the pneumatic pinch valve is the rubber inner bushing, but it has long been in foreign companies. Domestic enterprises have no successful cases in the development and production of this product, subject to the price and technology monopoly caused by foreign-funded enterprises.

In 2013, the company set up a rubber laboratory, hose fatigue, hose life simulation test center, a series of equipment for hose production, and hired a doctor of rubber polymer to assist in research and development. After 4 years of research and development, the company's pinch valve has reached the import quality (long life, good resilience, wear resistance, food hygiene), of which DN40-DN65 is more than 600,000 times and DN80-200 is up to 300,000 times. Above, it has been successfully installed in rail transit (China CRRC) and various industries. It is the best manufacturer of pinch valves at home and abroad, and has received consistent praise from customers.

Pinch valves provide an ideal valve solution for abrasive, corrosive and fibrous products such as granular, powdered and fiber-containing fluids. The advantages of Walker's pinch valve are in air, also in vacuum seal locking, and even in product streams containing solid impurities. The most important features of Walker's pinch valves are their absolutely free product flow, minimum air consumption and their ultra-light and compact design.